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Unity Security Protection Servicess works hard every day improving the company and its procedures. Every Unity Security Protection Servicess staff member is highly trained and experienced in the security field. We are committed to providing the best armed and unarmed security guard service. We utilize the latest in security technology and develop the best strategies to better protect you, your people and your property.


Security Guards & Patrol Services

Unity Security Protection Servicesoffers Armed, Unarmed and Patrol Security Guard services for Malls, Apartments, Car Dealerships, Homeowners Associations, High Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Commercial Properties, Event Security, VIP Security and the list goes on.

Unity Security Protection Serviceshas a very strict hiring policy. Potential employees are screened and go through an extensive background check. Security and Safety Security and safety are major concerns in all buildings. While Unity Security Protection Servicess armed and unarmed guard personnel are present during work hours these procedures are implemented:

  • All suspicious persons are questioned or asked to leave the building and/or the proper authorities will be notified.
  • Building entrance doors are checked to ensure that they are properly locked at the designated times.
  • Entrance doors to tenants' area are opened and locked when required.
  • Unauthorized persons are denied access into the building or tenants' areas.
  • Entrance doors are double-checked when required and at the end of a shift.
  • Any keys are returned to proper personnel (supervisor) at the end of a shift.
  • Potentially hazardous situations will be diffused by removing combustibles from sources of heat and shutting off coffee machines, stoves, fans, etc.



Lack of communication is a common and frequent complaint in security service industry. Our security company's management has studied this issue for years and implemented the following procedures, which have been proven effective.

  • # All complaints or requests received are printed on a daily log form. These log forms are reviewed daily by the operations manager and are given to the designated supervisor for immediate action. Upon completion of a request or resolution of a problem, the supervisor submits a written report to the operations manager for review.
  • A list of special instructions for each building is written in the customer history file, which is periodically updated with any changes or additions. This list is only available to management and key operations staff for instructing new personnel.
  • # Operations supervisors and personnel are instructed to record all observations and comments in writing, taking notes at all times, and making daily checklists of tasks to be performed.
  • Work logs are checked daily and problems or deviations from the normal standards are studied with any subsequent action and results being documented.
  • # Supervising staff are equipped with cell phones for any emergencies that may arise.
  • For your convenience, a toll free telephone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For the safety and 24/7 security of our clients, we now offer camera installations, as well as security surveillance services.


Inspections are performed by the supervisor. He or she will inspect and grade work on a quality checklist, which is turned in to the operations manager for review. Any deficiencies found are promptly corrected, and the corrective measures taken are noted on a written report. Periodically, the operations manager visits the work site during the day for an onsite inspection. The operations manager will also be in regular contact with the client, making sure the client receives the high-quality service promised.


The entire process begins with adherence to a strict selection, screening and training process before any of the supervision and inspection comes into play. Good security doesn't just happen on its own. Our security company hiring process is more involved so that we employ the right people for the job. Should you wish to retain any of your current security force, we will put them through our standard hiring process to assure you that everyone assigned to your facility has consistent screening and training. Before anyone is assigned to your facility, you can rest assured that they have successfully been put to the test at a variety of facilities to enable management to observe their punctuality, attention to detail, general demeanor, level of responsibility, and other factors that determine their assignments. Personnel are chosen based on maturity, work ethic and "life experience." They are trained to interact diplomatically but firmly with the public. In fact, we actively seek and recruit from the ranks of retired military and civil service personnel, to attract a more seasoned work force.

Undercover Operations

The most effective method of staffing undercover operations is to assign an operative to a position that would afford him/her as much access to as many areas of your facilities as possible, within the scope of their daily activities. This way, they can observe and report on many things without attracting attention. It might be to your advantage to have someone assigned as a "runner" on the day shift, and another as a forklift operator on another shift. With the number of employees involved, the hours of coverage and the range of potential theft /sabotage possibilities are to be considered. Situations where problems may occur can benefit from a properly-oriented and focused third party, such as our operative who will be an excellent position to monitor these areas without anyone observed being put on alert.

Operatives are paid through normal payroll procedure. We also bill an additional $10/hr to augment the operative's wages and provide support for the daily reports that are provided to you. This billing itself is also disguised so as to not alert anyone that such a service is being performed.

Normally, results are swift, in that conditions come to light that were not within the primary concerns but are seen to contribute to a totally unrelated problem or situation.

Post Orders

Once awarded the security contract, a member of Unity Security Protection Servicess & Consulting Group Inc. will create a full set of detailed post orders that define the duties expected of the security officer. This forms the cornerstone of our off-site training for your facility, which incorporates instructions with role-playing between instructor and student. When personnel are assigned to your facility, the supervisor will conduct an on-site "walkthrough" to assure that the training was thorough and every aspect of the day-to-day management of your facility is met.

Customer Input/Feedback

Unity Security Protection Serviceswill regularly mail out surveys requesting the client's input and feedback regarding LA Security & Protection Services's quality of service. This documentation supports our operations management in ensuring that your day to day needs are met.

Security Officer of the Month

We give you the opportunity to help us reward your site's outstanding personnel by recommending your best officer monthly for a cash recognition award as a result of exceptional performance during the preceding month. Officers also receive cash incentive bonuses for referring potential clients and candidates for employment. When possible, we also offer health insurance to our personnel.

Transition "Timeline"

Unity Security Protection Services's extensive experience provides that each facet of the transition process is meticulously planned and implemented, to provide a seamless transfer from your current security provider to that of Unity Security Protection Servicess & Consulting Group Inc.


Upon award of a contract, a supervisor will be assigned to your facility to coordinate operations. His or her responsibilities include hands-on training of new employees and on-premise inspections. The supervisor will also ensure that all personnel follow company regulations, instructions, and maintain their areas of responsibility at the optimum level.

Administrative costs are kept to a minimum due to utilization of satellite facilities, from which personnel are hired, trained, deployed and maintained, depending upon client location. Again, we work regularly for many different kinds of armed security, unarmed security and patrol services including Mall Security, Car Dealership Security, Construction Site Security, Movie Theater Security, Hospital Security, Commercial Business Security, Private Security, VIP Security, Body Guards, Party Security and more.