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Unity Security Protective Services company conducts our own intensive armed and unarmed security officer-training course. This course consists of the basic elements of being a security officer, complete report writing, and key administrative details of working for Unity Security Protective Services

All security officers are taught how to properly write reports. This course teaches security guard personnel how to answer the six most important questions:

A) Who B) What
C) Where D) When
E) Why F) How

he following report types are included in the report-writing seminar:

1 Daily Log Entries 2 Fire Watch
3 Incident Reports 4 Security Patrol Reports

Scope for Work

Unity Security Protection Services company will perform the following function and duties:

  • Patrol assigned areas.
  • Operate radio-transmitting equipment, if necessary.
  • Provide information, as directed, to public and visitors.
  • Prevent loss, damage, or misuse of property.
  • Monitor overall safety of the location including fire watch.
  • Report any unusual incidents or hazardous conditions.
  • Any additional duties, which client and contractor agree upon.
  • Patrol and secure all access to the location.
  • Respond to all routine and emergency procedures as directed.
  • Maintain and update the Security Procedures manual, commonly known as "Post Orders".


Each facet of the security service transition process is meticulously planned and implemented, so as to provide for a smooth transfer from your current security company provider to that of Unity Security Protective Servicess all throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.