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Why Choose us

Why Choose Us

Unity Security Protective Services takes pride in our security guard company's professionalism. Our goal is to provide "top-of-the-line" private security guard services at a competitive rate to all those living in Los Angeles, Orange County, California, and Arizona.s

14 Reasons why you should choose us

  • Unity Security Protective Servicess has the best hourly rate and we guarantee the lowest rate in California, please compare us.
  • We are a top rated security company with the Better Business Bureau
  • We Maintain all forms of required insurance which includes $3,000,000 General Liability, $1,000,000 Workers Compensation, and we are bonded for $1,000,000
  • We provide a free detex system, which is a computerized monitoring system that allows you to know when and where the officer is at all times during his shift.
  • We provide free round the clock supervision. Our Supervisors check the post and officer randomly and frequently. For every 8 hour shift, 3 checks are performed on the officer to make sure his appearance, performance and uniform are at your demand and our quality.
  • We provide free communication systems, which includes cell phone pagers and radios. That way, you can contact our officers immediately.
  • Our Clients have access to our security management 24-hours a day Tel (866)746-2657 Ext -1
  • We have absolutely no overtime charges, with the exception of major holidays.
  • Our security guards are highly trained and professional. Training includes, but is not limited to, CPR/First Aid, Pepper Spray, Baton, Firearms, and Power to Arrest.
  • We offer our security guard service on a month-to-month basis, which means that no long term contract is required.
  • We provide marked cars, golf carts or bicycles when large areas need to be covered
  • Although our headquarters is located in Los Angeles, we provide service all over California, Arizona and Nevada.
  • If our client does not like the officer for any reason, we will replace the officer immediately.
  • We can provide any style, shape or color of uniform you request.